Xylowatt – Your partner in your biofuel to energy project

Xylowatt s.a. was created in 2001 in order to bring gasification solutions to life while answering specific needs of biomass and waste actors. Since then, the company has been actively working in order to industrialise its technology and develop competencies to sustain its turnkey offers. Today, with adequate capabilities, industrial product and strong industrial partnerships, the company is focused on developing the solution that will meet your demand.

Ligne du temps - 2017

4.1 - PHOTO 1 - 1605252016 – NOTAR® v3 under construction

Xylowatt delivers latest generation of NOTAR® that provides higher nominal output.

Plant is currently under erection.

The hospital cut its high natural gas consumption and benefits from green energy produced locally.


4.1 - PHOTO 2 - 160525

2015 – First NOTAR® v2 installed in industrial environment

NOTAR® gasification plant is installed in the region of Champagne (France) to power the kiln of a bottle manufacturer.

First gasification plant on industrial production site to power industrial process


CMI2014 – CMI becomes shareholder

This strategic partnership

» Gives Xyllowatt additional engineering and integration capabilities 

» Strengthens commercial propositions of Xylowatt to its clients

» Reinforces capacity to propose turnkey solutions and operation  services worldwide


4.1 - PHOTO 3 - 1605252010 – NOTAR® Benchmarking plant installed in Louvain-la-Neuve

Xylowatt delivers a pilot plant to Institute of Mechanics of Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium)

Xylowatt and UCL benefit from this pilot plant to lead development programs

» Deepening fundamental knowledge on NOTAR® Gasification

» Demonstratingf gasification of waste

» Testing process upgrades

» Developingt of new solutions (gas to industry, oxy-gasification)

4.1 - PHOTO 4 - 1605252009 – NOTAR® gasifier to heat up swimming pool

NOTAR® v.2 gasification plant is installed in TOURNAI (Belgium) to feed a gas engine for combined production of heat and electricity.

Heat produced on the plant heats up the municipality swimming pool.



test-img2004 → 2007 – NOTAR®, A new star is born

Following two years of intense development within Xylowatt in partnership with UCL.

GAZEL technology is upgraded to tackle the tar production.

First NOTAR® gasifiers are designed and demonstrated (NOTAR v.0 and NOTAR v.1).


logo xW officiel2001 – Creation of Xylowatt

Creation of Xylowatt, spin off of UCL, by former researchers of UCL.

Xylowatt’s aims at developing and commercializing the technology of the university.

1999 → 2001 – REGAL Project – Demonstration of the integrated solution4.1 - PHOTO 5 - 160525

Electrabel launches the REGAL project in order to adapt GAZEL technology for cogeneration purposes.

First REGAL gasifiers are connected to CHP engines.

Combined production of electricity and heat from woodchips becomes a reality.


4.1 - illustration 1 - 1606031995 – GAZEL Project – First steps in the development of a downdraft gasifier

UCL teams work on the development of an innovative system of biomass conversion technology; more profitable than the conventional green fuel systems.

Developments include research on gasification of woodchips and agro residues.

Project leads to the design of the GAZEL downdraft gasifier.


4.1 - PHOTO 6 - 160525

1980 – The Adventure begins in the laboratories of the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL)

Professor Martin works on gasification technologies.

Coal gasification technology is adapted to the specificities of biomass fuels.