The LIFE OxyUp project includes three specific technical validation stages:

Stage 1 – Increase unit size and validate the resulting OXY4000

Validation of the larger OXY4000 gasifier in both air- and oxy-gasification modes. At this stage, the OXY4000 will be designed, built and installed on Xylowatt’s industrial test platform in Tournai. Once built, the OXY4000 will be optimized and validated for a period of 10 months (1600 hours of tests).

Stage 2 – Design, construct and validate the FLEXI gasifier

The FLEXI gasifier is adapted to the gasification of various contaminated biomass and waste types. Six different kinds of bio-waste are planned for testing on the FLEXI gasifier: 3 grades of WWTP sludge and three agro-residues.

The two most promising types of bio-waste will be used for advanced optimization and long run tests of 1000 hours each, to estimate the possible impact of pollutants on the durability of the gasifier. Particular attention will be given to the treatment of the syngas produced from these potentially polluted materials.

Stage 3 – Apply to the brick making and glass packaging industries

Finally, the suitability of the syngas produced by the OXY4000 and FLEXI demonstrators will be validated for use within packaging glass and brick making applications.

Various online and offline equipment will be used to monitor the efficiency and environmental impact of the system. These actions should lead to the validation of a more environmentally-friendly energy supply system for energy intensive industries in comparison with current techniques available at similar costs. Validation of the OXY4000 and FLEXI demonstrators will also offer unique solutions for bio-wastes that are not currently recoverable.