Xylowatt developed the NOTAR® reactor, an innovative and patented technology that produces a clean tar free syngas from natural and recycled wood biomass gasification.


Locally available natural and recycled wood chips are valorised by the NOTAR® gasifier.


The NOTAR® gasification process is a unique and patented technology to transform biomass into renewable energy.


The tar free syngas produced by the NOTAR® is of high quality and can be safely injected in cogeneration engine.

Energy Production

Combined with cogeneration engines, our NOTAR® units supply our clients with renewable energy. Xylowatt develops turnkey projects for biomass gasification plants with a power range of 750kWe to 2000kWe.

Electricity covers local needs or can be sold on the electrical grid

Heat is available for a wide range of heating applications

Cold from unused heat, is valuable for cooling applications

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