Company news

Read the latest news on Xylowatt technology developement and activities, and find out which events we attend to in order to promote clean gasification for sustainable energy production.

EIB talks about us 

On May 17 2019, the EIB dedicated an article to Florian Remy (Project Manager at Xylowatt). He talks about his project developing a boiler system and absorption chiller to provide the CHU with cold during summer. Read the article to know more about his very important work here at Xylowatt.

Renexpo 2019

On April 24 and 25, Xylowatt attended the Energy, Waste and Water International trade fair conference in Belgrade (Serbia). This is one the most important gathering of the actors in renewable energy and waste valorisation sectors in the Balkans.

ACI Gasification Summit 2019

On March 13 and 14, Xylowatt was invinted to speak at the International Gasification Summit in Brussels organised by ACI. It was also the occasion to meet new potential partners and R&D experts in the field of gasification. At the end of the convention, Xylowatt and ACI planned a visit of the plant in Mont-Godinne to show good results of the NOTAR&reg unit.

REGEN EUROPE 2019 – Fair & Conference

On January 30 and 31, Xylowatt attended the REGEN EUROPE Fair in Rennes (France). Professionals from the gasification sector presented their researches and technologies and could benefit from networking opportunities facilitated by the event. The focus of the convention was about capturing energy and by-products from biomass and waste resource stream for sustainable valorisation.

Visit of Willy Borsus in Mont-Godinne

On 8 November 2018, Willy Borsus (Minister-President of Wallonia) visited the NOTAR® biomass cogeneration plant installed at the CHU of Mont-Godinne. The development of the NOTAR® technology and its implementation at the Hospital were made possible with the support of the Walloon Region (via the DGO6) and the European LIFE program. It is part of the long-term commitment of the Belgian energy transition (COP21).

LIFE – Platform Meeting

As member of the Life+ Porgram, Xylowatt participated to the LIFE Platform meeting hosted on the 26 and 27 of September 2018 in Utrecht. The topic approached during conferences and discussions was Climate change mitigation in energy intensive industries.

MGGE Inauguration

Xylowatt inaugurated its first trigeneration plant on the 27 of November 2017. The Mont Godinne Green Energy (MGGE) project was built in partnership with the CHU of Mont Godinne to supply the hospital with sustainable energy 24/7 and help it meet its environmental targets in accordance with the objectives set by the COP21.